A History

Some years ago, I began this blog as a project to:

  1. Stay accountable to my health and fitness goals
  2. Serve as a dumping ground for all of my travelogues and “philosophical” musings

For a time, it served as a wonderful exercise in honesty, self-reflection, and discipline. However, after a while it fizzled out when work, life, and other things got in the way.

Now, this blog is getting a second chance — a new lease on life, with a slightly modified focus. Whilst when I first started this, I was searching, I feel now I have been found. In the years that have passed I have met the man who has become my husband (my best friend, and my partner in all things), been re-baptized Christian in outward declaration of the faith / hope / love / grace I have found in Jesus, have experienced many changes and areas of growth in my career, and am now embarking on my next adventure as my husband and I start our family. Suffice to say, much has happened since the day I stopped writing here, and I know for sure much is in store ahead. So I now bring you, with fresh perspective, and renewed focus, a blog that marries some of my key passions in life:

  1. Family
  2. Food
  3. Fitness
  4. Flight
  5. And faith.

For more information about me, refer to my ABOUT page.

For more information on how to contact me, as well as the things I love / read online to keep inspired, refer to my CONTACT & LINKS.

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