About Us

Hi! Welcome to Foster & Fit (formerly known as The Better Fit). This site started as a fitness, food, and travel blog, mainly owned by Alex – a marketer by day, an aspiring writer/artist by night, and a new mama all the time. However, towards the end of 2016, the blog began its transition into a full-fledged brand in cooperation with her sister, Andrea (also a marketer by day, but a food stylist, design guru, and sometimes-model the rest of the time). Now known as Foster & Fit – this site will continue to be home to stories of faith, family, food, fitness, and flight; but will as well begin to branch into new areas of brand, design, sustainability, and more. So keep watching this space as it grows and morphs into the Foster & Fit of the future!

One thought on “About Us

  1. Dear Alex,
    What a joy, what a priviledge to have read your story on “waiting”.
    Like you, I have surrendered all worries, all anxieties to our Lord. Like you, I eagerly await his plans to unfold.
    How liberating it is to know that He knows the desires of our hearts and that His plans are better than ours. How reassuring it is to be comforted hearing His word daily…His gentle whispers moment by moment as we seek Him.
    May you continue to blossom into the woman he has so wonderfully made.
    Praying with you in Jesus heavenly name.
    Tita Lya

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