[Restaurant Review] Baconerie (South Jakarta)

Baconerie — 5/5 — one of our favorite joints in the Jakarta! — Jalan Benda No.1C, Cilandak Timur, Pasar Minggu, RT.5/RW.4, Cilandak Tim., Ps. Minggu, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12560, Indonesia


By now, you know that my husband and I love meat (see my reviews on Ruth’s Chris Jakarta, and the Pinoy Pride Monthly piece on Burger Geek in Manila). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love Baconerie – Jakarta’s resident porkified brunch joint. My husband, having grown up predominantly in Germany (and being Dutch himself), is deeply in love with good pork dishes (bacon, roasts, etc), and it’s been quite the adjustment for him not being able to find high quality cold cuts, and other piggy dishes in Jakarta. As such, when we discovered this gem, we had to try it – and we’ve been back many times since. It’s become a bit of staple, and we often take our visiting friends and family to try it out too.

The concept is simple: a brunchy menu, hearty Western desserts (apple tart, chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie), and vacuum sealed house-made cold cuts and smoked meats that you can buy and take home (or order for delivery). Some of their signature dishes include their bacon-burgers (with patties made up of 50% beef and 50% bacon — 100-130k IDR), All Day Breakfast (Candied Bacon Pancake – 80k IDR, Classic Eggs Benedict – 120k IDR), and sandwiches (everything from Pulled Pork [100k IDR] to Pesto with Bacon and Avocado [100k IDR]).

In terms of ambience, the restaurant itself is small (a ground floor that seats around 10 pax comfortably, and a top floor that seats another 30 or so), but it has a cozy “favorite-corner-of-the-world” feel with industrial-meets-rustic wooden and iron fixings. Service, on the other hand, is warm and kind but can sometimes be on the slow side (often owed to just the sheer turnover of customers rushing in and out – especially on a Saturday).

What we love most about Baconerie is how simple and dependable their dishes our. They hero the smoked meats as best they can, and pair them with predictable flavors that almost always get a dish a 10-10-Would-Recommend. My husband regularly orders the California Burger, which is described on their menu as “freshly ground in-house 50/50 bacon and beef burger patty, demi-glace, bacon, avocado, sliced tomato, garlic mayo, toasted soft buns, side salad“. Aside, he always orders 2 side servings of fries (25k IDR a serving) and sometimes bacon (45k for 100g) or candied bacon (60k IDR for 4 slices). Meanwhile, I tend to mooch off the fries (which are always thin, crispy, and fluffy at the same time) as I eat my own meal. Of the many times I’ve been, I’ve tried several of their dishes, including but not limited to:

  • The Pesto, Bacon, Avocado sandwich (brown bread, with at least one entire smashed avocado, with 2 strips of bacon, and a generous smear of pesto) — 100k
  • “The Frenchie” Grilled Cheese (which is like eating a French Onion Soup but in sandwich form) — 100k
  • Caesar Salad (which is a hefty portion of very well-put-together classic Caesar) — 90k (you can beef it up with extra bacon [+20k] or extra chicken [+20k])
  • Pastrami Hash (2 buttered eggs, pastrami, caramelized onion, and potato hash) — 100k
  • Better Breakfast Sandwich (omelette, choice of cured meat, and melted cheddar cheese)

Nearly everything comes with a side salad, and of the above, I’d have to say I can’t even pick a favorite. I would order all of them again in a heartbeat, just depending on the day and the craving.

In all, Baconerie is a dependable go-to in Jakarta for anyone looking for a good, affordable brunch, with large portions, and hearty flavors sure to make your weekend extra fulfilling.

Final note: It’s also worth saying that you are able to order Baconerie food delivered to your house via Go-Jek, and even better, you can order their cured meats to your doorstep at your convenience! They come vacuum sealed, with ice, and then you have your pork helpings for days. We do this regularly now and it’s become a mainstay in our Dutch pannenkoeken recipe (which you can read about here.)



Their menus are simply printed on paper and clipped to vintage esque clipboards


A shot of “The Frenchie” that just doesn’t do it justice. Note the jus you can dip it into on the side!


Another shot of “The Frenchie”


The California Burger


When feeding our toddler at Baconerie, we get creative and order sides of butter basted eggs and bacon and bread for him to munch on. Always a hit!


The EPIC Better Breakfast Sandwich ❤ 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND


A very creative Children’s Menu! Remember playing with these as a kid??

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