[Restaurant Review] Mister Sunday (South Jakarta)

Mister Sunday – cafe & comfort food; brunch with an Asian twist. Jalan Cikajang 30 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Summary: 4/5, $$ (mid-to-high tier prices)

At the end of August, and into early September, my husband – Jay, went on a trip to Europe for our cousin’s wedding. Being as pregnant as I was (late into my 3rd trimester), my sister flew down to keep me company on the long weekend and make sure I had support for my big belly and growing toddler.

On one Saturday morning during that trip, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant I’d never been before. Brunch was high on the cravings list, so we hopped into a cab and headed to Mister Sunday to try it out.

Mister Sunday was first an online baked goods store – selling brownies, if I’m not mistaken, before it expanded into a full-service brunch outfit. It currently sits next to Cut the Crab and across from BEAU near the Senopati-Gunawarman area. To access it, you take the stairs up to the second floor of a short shop-house like building, where you are greeted with benches and potted plants. Inside, the restaurant is bright, inviting, and hip. The table setting options vary from lounge style (ottomans, low lounge chairs, and coffee tables by the window), to standard cafe tables and booths throughout the rest of the long, narrow floor space. A white tiled counter displaying coffee, cakes, and more sits right of center, and is bustling with restaurant staff in spiffy aprons and black tees. Wall shelves hang along the white walls displaying plants, succulents, books, and other trinkets that suit Mister Sunday’s bright, “understated hipster”, decidedly Western aesthetic.

We were seated by a kind waiter at a corner table by the window – one of the lounge style sorts, and proceeded to make our orders. The menu offers a wide range of brunch type items (Eggs Benedict 85K, Scotch Eggs 95K, Sweet Pancake, 85K), as well as continental fare with a twist (open brioche pork belly sandwich with sambal matah 129K, pan-seared salmon with gorgonzola sauce 120K, Mister Sunday Fried Rice with melted mozzarella 85K). They also have an extensive menu of coffee with their premium house blend, and manual blends.

My sister, Andrea, ordered an iced black coffee and pancake with fried chicken strips; while I ordered a vegetarian croissant sandwich (with mushrooms, cheese, and greens), and a side order of fried egg. We also ordered the parmesan cheese potato wedges to share as (like most other toddlers) my son is a bit of a fried potato monster.

The food and drink came in good time, and were quite satisfying.

My croissant was to standard. I wasn’t hungry enough to order one of their more adventurous or at least interesting choices, but in the future I would be keen to at least try their Mister Sunday fried rice. It arrived at the table next to us, and both Drey and I agreed it looked ridiculously good. — And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t typically like cheese on rice (I tried those baked cheesy rice dishes at Swensen’s in Singapore once on the suggestion of many friends, and I really didn’t like it). I’d give this dish alone a 4/5.



The parmesan potato wedges were interesting. They tasted great, but mainly because they tasted more like fried potato strips than wedges. They had a batter on them and were garnished with freshly shaved parmesan. While I enjoyed the flavor very much, I didn’t love the idea of downing double the fried carb I’d been expecting to down. I think we’d collectively give this dish a 3.5/5.


The winner of the day was Andrea’s pancake and fried chicken, however. The dish came with a single, massive, fluffy American-style pancake, topped with fried chicken pieces, a fried egg, and drizzled with maple syrup. The dish was a perfect marriage of sweet and savory, and I still think about that pancake to this day. It’s the dish that would draw me back to Mister Sunday for more, for sure. The serving on this particular plate was so generous that we were unable to finish it, and we had to pack it for home – which wasn’t a bad thing because I then ate that delicious pancake for both dinner that night and breakfast the next day. This dish gets a 5/5 from me.


At one point, we even had an intense moment of drama when Lucas threw a massive tantrum that ended in him throwing up all over the floor next to our table. The waiters very kindly came quickly to mop it up and even made small talk with us, wishing him well.

In all, it was a pleasant experience – quick service, friendly staff, and tasty food. I would certainly recommend it. The ambience and flavor per price point is at par or even slightly better than other brunch counterparts. Will be back soon to try other dishes one of these days with Jay and the little ones.


Photo credit to my sister: Andrea Romualdez, whom you can follow on Instagram at @adromualdez

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