Family Hotel Review: W Seminyak (Bali)

Overall Rating: 5 (out of a possible 5)

In May 2016, we went to Bali for our first family holiday, and we stayed at Sudamala Suites in Sanur for the first two nights (see my review of that here), and W Seminyak for our final 2 days (and for Mother’s Day too!). Below is my long-overdue review for the W that has been sitting in my drafts for over a year.


Killer view from our hotel room.

Rating Summary: 5 (out of a possible 5) Full breakdown below: 

  • Cleanliness — 5/5: Everything was to spec/expectation. The sheets were clean, the bathroom was well-maintained, the common areas (pool, deck chairs, etc) were clean and comfortable. No complaints here
  • Service — 5/5: Service was fantastic. The W, being a Starwood partner, really lives up to the group’s reputation for great hospitality. We were greeted with welcome drinks, happy faces, and polite conversation. The porters and ladies working the concierge were warm and inviting, and took a real shine to our son Lucas – fawning over his eyes and lashes, and baby-talking at him. Another thing that was nice was how they remembered our names. We get this treatment often at Starwood hotels, so it wasn’t surprising per se, but in a hotel as busy and bustling as the W in Bali, you don’t always expect to be greeted with a wide smile by name or Mrs/Mr So-and-So, but they took that extra effort
    • Note: However, I should highlight that the Check-In time did take longer than usual (15 minutes, for no clear reason). Thankfully, the people working the desks and in the area were very friendly and welcoming and made the wait more bearable.
  • Room — 5/5: I was shocked by how suitable the room was for a family. I had stayed at the W in Sentosa before this point, and my experience there (at the time) had been more that the W is a sort of pop arty, kitschy hotel marketed more to party-goers and influencers than vacationing families. But the W Seminyak took every pain to create for us a warm, homey atmosphere even amidst their mod decor and the lounge music they leave playing on your entertainment system. They supplied us with every necessity: from a sterilizer, to a bottle warmer, to a crib; even a baby tub and bath kit were provided. On top of that, the room had all the same amenities you expect of a 5 star hotel: a comfortable King sized bed, 2 comfortable couches, a killer view of the ocean and the grounds (see photo above), a full entertainment system, and free macarons as a welcome gift.
  • Comfort — 5/5: Really 0 to complain about. Everything was comfortable. We were warned ahead of time there would be parties downstairs by the pool and so might be some noise. However, the party actually retired to the indoor club by around 10pm, and I’m not sure if the windows were double-paned but if they weren’t the room we were assigned had great acoustics and muffled the sound just fine. I have heard from others that their experiences were not as nice (with the music and festivities really cutting into their sleep experience), but am not sure where their rooms were facing. Perhaps we just got lucky in this instance, but if you do go for a stay with family, I’d urge you to just request for a quieter room. I’m guessing their staff would know which would suit your needs best.
  • Safety/Security — 5/5: Despite the fact that the W is right on Seminyak beach, so you’d assume not as secure, the rooms feel very tucked away, and even the pool area still feels private and exclusive. There are guards around the perimeter as well.
  • Common Areas/Facilities — 5/5: The common areas were great: lovely buffet options, several pool options, a gym, and plenty of spaces near the lobby and pools for outdoor seating. Facilities were also acceptable. If I had just one gripe it would be the number and accessibility of the elevators. Not sure how many they have, but we only saw and ever used one set and there were only a few of them for quite a large hotel and they were all situated far on one side — so if you had to rush back to your room for something from the dining hall or the pool, you’d basically walk the length of the hotel to get to the elevator, and then if your room was on the other side, you’d get up and have to walk the length of the hotel again to your room. But this is a very small gripe. In all, everything was accessible and comfortable
  • Dining — 5/5: The buffet is standard 5-star breakfast buffet fare (pancakes, waffles, breads, cheeses, cold cuts, fruit, some Indian options, etc). What made the dining experience special, though, was that they had an a la minute menu (dishes like eggs made as you like with chorizo and marinara sauce, for example — see picture below), and that you could pick your own mug when you walked in. A wall of mugs greeted you upon entry – each unique, and you picked one out each to have your coffee or tea in. It just added that little personal touch and quirkiness to the experience that seems to be a bit of a hallmark of the W aesthetic.
  • Location — 5/5: Seminyak is a great location if you like to be where it’s at. Tons of shopping, right by the beach, close to Kuta where the parties are, walking distance from other lovely brunch places like La Lucciola. It’s not our top choice location in Bali (we really love Sanur and it’s island-life-vibe feel), but the W’s position in Seminyak is strategic in that it is right by the beach, but it still feels private, whilst maintaining easy access to and from other areas of town
  • Overall Family/Baby-Friendliness — 5/5: As I’ve detailed already in pretty much every point above: it was incredibly (surprisingly) baby friendly and I’m sure we’ll be back again one day!

Hello, W!


Breakfast a la minute. 🙂 Sourdough toast, poached egg, chorizo, and marinara sauce.


Eggs benny a la minute


Pick-your-own-mugs at breakfast


Baby hygiene kit in the room


Oh, Bali. Poolside views at lunch. What a treat.


Thoughtful instructions that came with our crib


Sterilizer, bottle warmer, water


Rubber ducky in the bathroom for that extra touch of home


Bathroom aesthetic on point


Bed & Crib


Room aesthetic and functionality on point


Hallway to/from the elevators. The view from the hallway actually faces the W Villas


Welcome macarons


Even their coconuts are branded (literally)


2 kinds of ceviche poolside ❤ YUM


For those who’d like to stay at the W or make inquiries, here are their contact details:

Address: Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan, Seminyak, ID-BA 80361
Website: W Seminyak
Contact no.: (62)(361) 3000 106



What Mother’s Day is all about ❤

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