[Challenge!] Day 26 of 30 Days of Fitness

Baby Bump Bootcamp Progress

I had been meaning to do periodical/weekly posts on my 30 Day Baby Bump Bootcamp challenge, but due to work before the holidays, the holidays themselves, and time better spent away from a screen and in person with family and friends, I decided to write a report closer at the end.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that on June 12th, I publicly announced my commitment to building better fitness habits during this pregnancy by launching a 30 Day Fitness Challenge. I had actually begun said challenge on the 10th, which now puts me on Day 30. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

  • The Program:
    • My program consisted mainly of prenatal workouts on YouTube, and that became my go-to. Particularly yoga videos. As I mentioned in my previous post on this, do not attempt to do workouts you’ve never done before without spotters and professional guidance. The only reason I feel confident doing yoga is because I’ve done it in a class setting many times before, and have also taken prenatal yoga classes from certified instructors in the past. Remember to always clear any exercise you want to do with your doctor to be sure it’s appropriate for your unique pregnancy.
  • My Progress Report:
    • 22/26 days, with an average of 38 minutes per day across the 26 days (I averaged 45 minutes per day on the workout days, which makes up for days off, and has helped me exceed my goal of 30 minutes of activity per day)
    • 4 missed days due to: 2 travel days, 1 sick day, and 1 long work day (today) during which I had every intention of working out but couldn’t. Basically, I walked to the yoga studio in the building next to the office for a prenatal class at lunch hour, only to discover they were on a holiday schedule and would resume prenatal sessions next week. I then returned to the office and got buried under work ’til even after the rest of the team had gone home
    • 14 days of yoga
    • 8 days of yoga+
      • 1 yoga + bike
      • 1 yoga + swim
      • 1 yoga + cardio dance (video here, so many squats)
      • 1 yoga + bike + weights
      • 1 yoga + brisk walking + weights
      • 3 yoga + calisthenics/plyometrics/weights
  • 5 Observations:
    1. I am more flexible and able to open up better into poses
    2. I have generally better hormonal regulation (I feel more in control of my emotions and less likely to feel overwhelmed or moody)
    3. It is much easier to workout! It doesn’t take additional work to motivate me to exercise. Just feels like a fact of life. A habit
    4. I am more in tune with how my body feels
    5. I regulate my appetite better (I almost never eat ’til I’m full. Just ’til I’m satisfied. I still eat plenty though, because I snack when I’m hungry)
  • 5 Favorite Workouts:
    • Sarah Beth Yoga‘s Prenatal Morning Yoga Routine
      • Sarah Beth is a certified yoga instructor whose practice helped her get over pain from scoliosis, ulcerative colitis, moodiness, and PMS symptoms. She has a whole channel of routines to try, but I love this one most because it’s full of “openers” and “Warrior poses,” which I find energizing and empowering first thing in the morning. Also, she has a great way of starting out slow, and then taking you through the flow more quickly once the poses are established. I like to combine this with a 2nd (sometimes 3rd) routine (of yoga or another exercise)
      • Trivia! Hip openers are great to address pregnancy aches like round ligament pain, lower back pain, and tightness in the hips. Meanwhile, chest openers and side stretches are great for relieving tension and pain in the ribs, and common acidity issues pregnant women face
    • Prenatal Yoga for Sciatic Pain & Lower Back Pain Relief
      • Amberlie Pierce (aka FitYogaMama), has a channel of Weekly Pregnancy Yoga videos on YouTube. The reason this makes my list, though, is because I’ve recently started experiencing back and butt pain. Because of this, I’ve been putting extra effort in to ensure I’m doing the right poses to save me from some of that discomfort. Again, I prefer to pair this with another workout – sometimes even with the above morning yoga routine
    • 45 Minute Prenatal Vinyasa Flow
      • This is not exactly a beginner flow, but if you are familiar with yoga and want to try it in your 2nd trimester, it’s is a good go-to. Every time I do this it feels like I’m in a real yoga class. So fulfilling. I love to pair it with another 10-15 minutes of Sun Salutations, breathing, and more kegels
    • Prenatal Power Flow with Kristin McGee
      • Kristin McGee is a mama, and celebrity yoga and Pilates trainer. She has a YouTube channel with great pre and postnatal workouts, but this one is my favorite. Again, it’s not exactly for beginners, but it’s a wonderful flow that will actually get your heart pumping sometimes – especially if you push yourself. I pair this with weight training on high energy days
    • 5 Minute Maternity Workouts by Heather Caitlin
      • Heather Caitlin actually does interviews with Hollywood stars (see more on her YT channel), but I simply know her as that pregnant lady on YouTube who had the amazing idea of doing a series of 5 minute body weight/calisthenics maternity workouts. This is the only non-yoga video set that makes my list, and it’s because it’s so useful. Just pick 3 5-minute Maternity Workouts, and do each 2 times, and suddenly you’ve finished 30 minutes of ample exercise. Super useful especially for those who get bored while working out. Because her workouts are timed, it keeps you going at a swift pace and you tend to forget where the time’s gone

If any of you have your own favorite exercises, do share them! And if you try any of the above for the first time after you read this, let me know what you thought of the experience. Just remember: don’t do anything unless your doctor agrees it’s safe for you! While exercising has wonderful benefits during pregnancy (which I listed in my previous post here), it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Happy Fit-Mama-ing!



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