Back from an unintended hiatus!


I have been bad about keeping this blog updated, but I’ve had relatively good reasons for it. The big news is that: We are expecting a new addition to the family! Now that we’re in the 2nd Trimester, I feel good about breaking the silence. Though I must admit, I spent much of the last 3 months ill, nauseous, moody, and constantly fatigued. Add to that plenty of work (both in the home, and on the job), and there just hasn’t been much time to spend on passion projects. Hence, the hiatus.

I am working on being more intentional about this, though, and slowly putting together a backlog of drafts that I can post as I go. As this pregnancy has been quite different than the last, I think it’ll actually make for some great material. Looking forward to sharing more ups, downs, and all-arounds with you lovely folk who still keep tuned to this blog.

Stay tuned for more this week and next as I explore:

  1. Homey, hearty family recipes that we’re loving lately
  2. Lucas’ (Updated) List of Lit for Little Ones
  3. Tips for coping with pregnancy symptoms, work, and a toddler at the same time (an art I have yet to master myself)

In the coming months, I am also hoping to post as many old travelogues as I can after years of neglecting to document my memories on the road.

If anyone is interested in reading about anything in particular, do leave a comment below. Or if anyone has their own tips and tricks for coping with pregnancy, toddlerhood, and a full-time job…do share your secrets, SuperParents!

Love & Blessings!


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