Family Hotel Review: Sudamala Suites & Villas, Sanur (Bali)

Last May, we went to Bali for our first family holiday, and we stayed at Sudamala Suites in Sanur for the first two nights. Here’s my review of our time there.


Pretty courtyard in the middle of all the villas. Lush and serene.


Rating Summary: 4 (out of a possible 5) Full breakdown below: 

  • Cleanliness3/5: Though generally clean, there were faded yellowish stains on our sheets and the pool seemed to need a bit of scrub down and a water change (it didn’t make any of us sick, though, so there’s that! Even baby swam in it with no adverse effects)
  • Service5/5: Service was mostly good and prompt, and I noticed they employed some hard-of-hearing youths (which I really liked/appreciated).
  • Room 4/5: I liked the room a lot, in general. It had a really sweet, Balinese feel to it. However, I hated the door. It was very nice to look at, but was a chore to open and close as it was a traditional Balinese wooden double door (very narrow double panels, and you had to pull/push it hard when opening/closing it, and hold it tight in place when locking/unlocking).
  • Comfort 4/5: Overall, comfortable. Air-conditioning was just right, bed was just right, room had plenty of space. My main gripe was that, while it’s nice to have an al fresco bathroom (very Bali/tropical paradise), there was no way to stave off the mosquitos. Would have liked some citronella candles maybe.
  • Safety/Security5/5: No qualms there. It was really nice and tucked away in what felt like a very private area of Sanur.
  • Common Areas/Facilities4/5: The common areas were nice albeit limited – particularly in terms of lounging/seating space. I particularly liked the little garden in the middle (like a courtyard) but wish there were more facilities available for laying out/picnicking.
  • Dining4/5: Big portions, great value (breakfast was included in our room price and you could pick from a wide array of choices on an a la minute menu). The only issue we had was when we ordered room service dinner: the seafood (one of my favorites: mahi-mahi) was over-salted and overcooked. Very sad. Otherwise, it was mostly good. I especially liked their croissants! Fresh, flakey, delicious. 
  • Location 5/5: We like it in Sanur, so this location worked for us. There’s no direct beach access, but that’s okay. Then you get to walk around more. Sanur itself is a great little “long-term stay”/”expat” type of area with a lot of homegrown brands and restaurants, mama/papa’s shops, and long-term expats who moved to Bali decades ago and made a life there. There’s more of a relaxed, seaside town feel to it than other areas of Bali, which makes it ideal for families.
  • Overall Family/Baby-Friendliness3/5: Access wise, this is not a good place to stay. If you have babies or family members in wheelchairs, there is only one ramp access area (via the back/side which loops around the property). So when we used our stroller we had to carry it over the steps. Thankfully they gave us a 1st floor room so we didn’t have to take the stairs up to our villa or anything like that – or that would have been a true inconvenience.

Generally speaking, we were happy with our stay. If you would like to read more about our Bali-day (family holiday), you can refer to my previous post here. And if you are interested in staying at Sudamala yourselves, scroll down for more details.



We had a semi-al fresco bathroom which had a “tropical luxury” feel to it



Being in Bali, we wanted to stuff as much seafood into ourselves as we could. Above is our mahi-mahi room service dinner: with sides of fries (for Jay), potato gratin (for me), “love boat potatoes” (bacon, cheese, and baked potato), and salad.


Hearty healthy breakfast! These croissants are delicious.


For those who’d like to stay at Sudamala or make inquiries, here are their contact details:

Address: Jl. Sudamala No. 20, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali
Contact no.: (0361) 288555

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