Baby Baliday: Our First Family Vacation

May 6th and 7th were public holidays here in Indonesia, so we took advantage of the opportunity and booked flights to Bali – our home away from home.

Though we’d already flown and travelled with the little one, this would be our first vacation as a family. As such, we were pretty excited. 


Day 1…

Our flight was just before noon, and given that we were traveling with a baby, we budgeted for more time than usual for check in and all that jazz. Despite it being a domestic flight, we made it with an hour and a half to spare.

In line with our own “best practices”, we timed it so that our little one would likely be eating at the point of take off, and given it was approximately a two hour flight, we made sure to have his 2nd bottle iced but easily accessible. The trip went relatively smoothly save for turbulence as I changed his poopy diaper in the plane bathroom (he took it in stride but there was certainly a risk of nausea for both of us), and we were in Bali in no time.

For our first two nights we had booked to stay at a place called Sudamala Suites & Villas in Sanur – our favorite old haunt. I will do a separate review of Sudamala soon. In a general sense though, we were happy and comfortable to be in Bali. We spent the rest of the afternoon there just relaxing, and getting Lucas adjusted to the villa.


Sudamala had this nice courtyard in the middle of all the villas. It was lush, and incredibly serene.


Our villa had a private patio with direct pool access.


We had a semi-al fresco bathroom which had a “tropical luxury” feel to it


Being in Bali, we wanted to stuff as much seafood into ourselves as we could. Above is our mahi-mahi room service dinner: with sides of fries (for Jay), potato gratin (for me), “love boat potatoes” (bacon, cheese, and baked potato), and salad.

We called it an early night to conserve energy for the next day.


Day 2…

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel restaurant, we got all set for a leisurely stroll onto Jln Danau Tamblingan – the main road in Sanur where all the best restaurants and cafes are. It was an incredibly hot day, and I’m glad we came prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and our light-weight (shaded) stroller.

Because of the heat, and our poor sweaty baby, we didn’t manage to go for too long, but we did make it to our favorite Italian restaurant (where we were once gelato regulars), Massimo’s. After sharing some delicious grilled swordfish, fried cheesy dough balls, and proscuitto and boconccini, we indulged in some 5 mini-scoops of refreshing gelato, and made our way back to our hotel.

After a lazy afternoon nap, we headed for the pool for baby’s first swim! Most resources (online and off it) will tell you the following about taking your baby swimming for the first time:

  1. Wear a swim diaper
  2. Start with short intervals of 10-15 minutes tops
  3. Be sure to have towels and fresh clothes to put baby into immediately after so they aren’t cold
  4. Try to make sure that the temperature is at least 32 degrees celsius

We disregarded #1 as we are good with reading Lucas’ pee/poop cues and we figured 10 minutes is short enough that an accident would be unlikely (plus, seriously, swim diapers? What did we wear in the 80’s? Pretty sure that’s a recent invention because my mom’s never heard of them before). However, we did heed the rest (we even used our underarm thermometer to double check the water temp), and I think it was worth the extra caution. Especially for the first go.

Anyway, Lucas loved the water (at least, I think so). He didn’t fuss at all, and once in there he was absolutely transfixed by his ability to splash in it. It was a nice way to cap off our afternoon.


Hearty healthy breakfast! These croissants are delicious.


Lunch at Massimo’s.


Gelato at Massimo’s.


Baby’s First Swim!


“What issss it, Mama?? There’s so much of it!”


Day 3…

We were set to check out of Sudamala by noon and start making our way to our last hotel for the trip: the W in Seminyak. However, before it, we wanted to cap off our stay in Sanur with a special lunch with a bunch of our diving friends who happened to be in town (flown in from everywhere from Florida to Switzerland).

We did a quick one at the Fairmont Sanur (I had possibly the most delicious barramundi burger ever), and then we were off to Seminyak.

Upon arrival at the W, we were greeted with that traditional Balinese hospitality neatly packaged in an incredibly pop-art, “kitschy” luxury setting. The women working the lobby were incredibly kind and polite, and took an immediate shine to Lucas – referring to him by name and swooning over his eyes and lashes. Admittedly, I was having a lot of “proud mama moments”.

After settling into our hotel room (which deserves its own separate review, so stay tuned for that!), we ventured out onto the beach and walked along it as the sun began to set, and we prepped to meet our friends at La Lucciola (by the Semaya), for some cocktails and canapés. Some yummy appetizers and a refreshing lime squash later, we parted ways and headed back to the hotel where we ordered some room service for dinner before Lucas and I got tucked into bed, and Jay headed off to a friend’s wedding reception to pay our respects and congratulations (as family representative!).


Goodbye, Sudamala!


Hello, W!


Killer view from our hotel room.


Our lovely hotel room.

Day 4…

And this last day, my friends, was my favorite one of all. After a hefty buffet breakfast at the W’s western restaurant, we were able to squeeze in some workouts before taking the little one downstairs for Swim #2! We spent the rest of the day before leaving for our flight just chilling by the pool, eating delicious fresh seafood, drinking fresh coconut, and hopping in and out of the water.

A lovely family vacation for all!


Pick-your-own-mugs at breakfast


Breakfast a la minute. 🙂 Sourdough toast, poached egg, chorizo, and marinara sauce.


What Mother’s Day is all about ❤


What Mother’s Day is all about Take 2!

Oh, Bali. Poolside views at lunch. What a treat.


Lunch at the W, poolside: 2 kinds of ceviche and some fresh coconut


Even their coconuts are branded!









One thought on “Baby Baliday: Our First Family Vacation

  1. Oh wow such a luxurious trip! I wish we had gone to Bali when our son was still a baby – we went last year when he was nearly 2 and trust me, it’s harder to travel with a toddler!!

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