Fun Friday: #BreastFeedingProblemz

breastfeeding problemz

Like #FirstWorldProblems, there’s the “annoying/bad/silly” side to all the good in our lives. So I thought it might be funny to list some of my favorite #BreastFeedingProblemz for good humor. Haha. Hope you fellow breast feeding mamas enjoy this!

  1. When you’re pumping one boob and the other boob is all “FOMO!” and proceeds to squirt all over you…
  2. When you and your little one oversleep and wake up to a chest full of rocks.
  3. When you attend a formal event and don’t have any nursing-ready/pumping-ready clothing so you need to hole up in a stall somewhere between the third course and dessert and take it all off just to get the job done.
  4. When your baby’s had the bottle so much throughout the day that he comfort sucks at the boob for an extra 30 minutes in the wee hours of the morning when all you want to do is sleep.
  5. When it’s like your baby has “mama’s-gotta-go-soon” radar, and if you latch him, he won’t let you go ’til you are definitely-for-sure-about-to-be-very-late…but if you don’t latch him…WAAAHHHH!!!!
  6. When all your pre-pregnancy clothes fit perfectly (!!!)……except ’round your chest.
  7. When you wait a little longer than usual between pumps/feeds and that button down shirt starts to strain…..
  8. When your baby’s crying and on cue you start leaking errrrwhere.
  9. When your tops all smell a little milky.
  10. When you can’t help smelling a little milky!

*Disclaimer: This post is not about whether breastfeeding is superior. It’s just a fun little jab at the silly features breastfeeding brings along with it. If you are not a breastfeeding mama or else struggling through the process and have insecurities about it (I’ve had plenty of stress and insecurity over breastfeeding, and I know many other mamas who have too), don’t worry. I know some people in this world might make you feel bad about your situation (whether you’ve chosen to formula feed or been forced into it), but baby-care is not a contest. Continue doing what works for you and for your baby, and never mind what everyone else has to say. You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, you’re doing your best like the rest of us are, and you’re doing great. 

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