Kangaroos don’t fart!

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It has been an eventful week yet again, which has effectively hindered any form of consistency I might have been trying to achieve as a blogger. That said, however, I come bearing gifts in the form of a review of delicious (and deliciously healthy!) food!

A Review of Sorts!

ROBERT TIMMS (Wheelock Place, Paterson and Orchard Rd, Singapore) AND KANGAROO MEAT

For all meat lovers out there who ALSO love the world, I have found the Holy Grail of yipster, environmentally-friendly meat. Friends, meet KANGAROO. Last night, for the first time ever, I tried Kangaroo loin steak……..and loved it. I know a lot of people out there have beef (haha pun intended) with eating cute animals, and I assume (for most) kangaroos fall under that category. However, it was to be my last meal at Robert Timms for a while* and I felt it’d be a good time to jump into a good Australian dinner and order something I’d never had before. Between crocodile (which I imagined would be like snake, only tougher, which I’ve already had before), and kangaroo, I decided to go with the latter. Thus, I ordered for myself the 250g Kangaroo Loin steak with red wine sauce, a small jacket potato, steamed broccoli, and sauteed carrots. For a second I attempted to ask for doneness, but was quickly corrected by the server. Apparently, kangaroo meat is always cooked to a specific doneness and you can’t (or shouldn’t?) really ask for more or less than that. Curious as to how this would all turn out (I generally prefer my meat medium rare), I impatiently awaited my meal while doing some preliminary research on the nature of kangaroo meat.

In the time it took for my steak to cook, I had discovered three key traits of kangaroo that immediately hooked me: 1) kangaroos don’t fart. That is to say…raising kangaroos would probably be much better for the environment than raising cattle! Significantly less carbon emissions!; 2) they are incredibly low in fat (probably from all that bouncing around)*; and, 3) they taste a lot like beef.

Excited by these claims, I dug in the very second my meal arrived. From the first bite alone I could tell it would be a good meal. Yes, kangaroo DOES taste a lot like beef…but it is leaner by far, and though it is more gamy than beef it is significantly less so than venison and boar. The red wine sauce was simple and allowed me to appreciate the meat better, and the vegetables were perfectly complementary to the kangaroo’s flavor. The fact that the meat wasn’t bleeding on my plate didn’t even bother me, because it was still tender, and wasn’t at all dried out. In this case, the chef knew what he was doing.

Further research on kangaroo meat now tells me the following useful bits of information:

  1. Even the Ecological Society of Australia thinks it’ll be better for the environment than raising sheep and cattle!
  2. Kangaroo meat is very high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which is known to reduce obesity, as well as prevent both cancer and diabetes.
  3. There actually exists a movement called Kangatarianism, where vegetarians (who are vegetarian for environmental reasons) make exceptions in their diet for eating Kangaroo meat!*

Suffice to say, I’m sold on kangaroo meat, and I wish it was as accessible as other meat is!

If you’re in Singapore and want to try it out, Robert Timms is a good place to start. Though I don’t think Robert Timms is very good at many things (besides really rich chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream), they definitely got this one right.


*Long story, but currently I am in the middle of a big move.

*Instead of grazing all day like those couch potato cows…….really though, there’s a lot of benefit to free range food! Kangaroos are so muscular they only have about 2% fat content in their meat!

*Seems like a funny loophole to me 😉 But if it works, and it really is that good for the environment – then more power!

3 thoughts on “Kangaroos don’t fart!

  1. At first, I was like, WHAT? Why would you do that? Just because kangaroo is just something I would never have thought could be eaten. But then, you really do raise valid points…and now I want to try it out for myself! If it’s a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to beef, it’s probably worth a try.
    Wonder if they’ll have a place that serves kangaroo in Canada? Off to do some research!

    • Yeah my initial feeling toward them was, “OH MY GOD…this is going to feel like eating dolphins…or koalas…or a really cute baby.” But. It wasn’t at all. You should definitely give it a shot!

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