when Miss Piggy moved in



Currently on the prowl for this aerobics record by Miss Piggy as it should suit my new needs as Miss Piglet*. I suppose I should start this entry off with an apology. I AM INCREDIBLY SORRY FOR MY HIATUS. And trust me, you can rest assured that I am in fact sorry – in every way: sorry to disappointed readers (if any), and also sorry for myself and the state I’m in. Accompanied by my absence, was a truckload of work, a To-Do list as long as Everest is tall, a trip out of the country, and a visiting friend. Thus, the excuse I will give you now for the bad example I’ve set is that I couldn’t help myself. I spent two weeks in Thailand in October, as well as some time in Nepal, and then my buddy Winston came to visit for two weeks and it just so happened to be over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday and a bunch of other events that made debauchery almost necessary*. Nonetheless, I have managed to keep my morale intact throughout this downward spiral and am ready for the reset.

Full disclosure, in the last couple of months I have yo-yo’d between 5 to 6 lbs of weight gain and weight loss*, and even at the lowest point am still 3 lbs shy of my target. I think the root of the problem was my confusion over the Slow Carb Diet, and trying to figure out the best way to make it work for me, which caused excessive compromise and many a moment of “I just don’t give a -“. I don’t regret the good food, company, and new experiences I met along the way, though.

After all, who can regret all this much awesomeness*?


photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (8)

photo (7)

photo (6)

photo (12)

photo (4)

I’ve been sufficiently satiated at this point, though, and I recently picked up a Slow Carb book related to the 4 Hour Body written by a woman this time, and am feeling really good about my ambitions. As such, I am in full LET’S DO THIS mode. Because, though there’s nothing wrong with Miss Piggy*, wouldn’t you rather be Lola Rabbit if you had to be?




So here’s the game plan: we’re back on the Slow-Carb (today, I started my day with 30g of protein within the first 30 mins of waking and it was great! That was 3 hours ago, and I am still feeling satisfied. In an hour I’ll begin my next meal: tuna and veggies!), and we’re working out using some awesome GLUT-4 exercises once again at least 3x a week, with 2 days of running. It’s going to be awesome*!



*Just another piglet sweating in her nighties…

*My excuses get worse as it goes on…ambition should be made of sterner stuff…

*She’s obviously an animated Sex Symbol, after all…

*(1) Lebanese hummus and flat bread, (2) lamb kofta kebab, (3) an entire bottle of Chateau D’Issan Blasson Margaux 2003, (4) the best grilled cheese on sourdough bread you will ever.eat.ever., (4) 400g of rare sirloin, (5) truffle fries, (6) Eggs Benny!!!!!

*And you are WRONG, Winston. If you are reading this, you are WRONG. I can do this despite the holidays. Bahumbug.


P.S. It does need to be noted, I wasn’t all bad the last 2 months. I was also very good sometimes. Here are my favorite examples…

photo (17)

Paul (Boulangerie), Ngee Ann City: Salmon sesame salad

photo (16)

home cooked veggies and chicken with friends

photo (15)

home cooked spinach, scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, pickles, and low fat cottage cheese

photo (14)

home cooked 200g medium rare steak with salad, and snow peas, and mushrooms

photo (13)

The Connoisseur Concierto, ION: seared tuna with salad! I didn’t eat those…fried whatever they were on top of the veggies, and the dressing was just a ginger based dressing with olive oil and lemon

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