Quick Post!

Today’s Workout:

3 km run
6 sets of 30-second long sprints along a curved hill
3 sets of 10 tricep pushups
1 km jog
3 km walk home/cool down

33% Protein, 31% Carbs, 36% Fat

Tomato salsa
Shredded lean boiled chicken breast
2 eggs

1 svg tuna
1/2 tbsp light mayo
1 slice sharp cheddar

1.5 svg tuna
2/3 tbsp light mayo
1 piece of gluten free toast……..I KNOW THIS IS A CHEAT. But I knew I’d still be hungry without it and there wasn’t much available……./excuses over
A couple of leaves of lettuce

1 tbsp natural unsweetened crunchy peanut butter (I buy Meridian brand)

Dinner/Post-Work Out Meal:
1/4 cup cubed papaya
Korean Beef Bibimbap (without rice) + chicken broth soup

Some things of note:
Sprints are really some of the best exercises ever…I feel like that was a full body workout. Especially after yesterday, which was pretty crazy. I went to the gym and did a heavy arm workout involving all sorts of lifting, body weight exercises, and kettlebell swings, so my body was already feeling pretty sore prior to today’s exercise. However, I really wanted to push myself this time. I have a feeling HIIT, resistance-based cardio is what’s missing from the equation now in order to help me lean up and trim down. Let’s see if I’m right about that.

Overall a good day despite the slice of toast! 🙂 /pats self on back

More again soon!

4 thoughts on “Quick Post!

  1. Hi Alex,

    Sounds like you are on an ambitious program. Congratulations! When did you start? For how long do you intend to do this? Unless you are preparing for some competitive event, I suppose you will eventually level off to a more sustainable level. Take care and don’t overdo it.

    Love Wowo

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Wowo!

      Actually I had already let up some and given myself a little too much leeway in the last month. I’m only cracking down now because I’ve been doing this in intervals of intensity for about 6 months now and this is the final stretch. Now that I’ve built a lot of muscle and made some progress on eating habits, I need to push harder to finally get rid of the last stubborn layers of fat. After reaching my goal though I will still need to stay on a healthy maintenance plan. Which I can hopefully transition into around December. Unfortunately the maintenance plan still wont allow me sweets or gluten or wheat except on certain cheat days! But such is life. My body does feel much better this way. 🙂

      I’m happy you got around to reading this! Love and miss you! Looking forward to seeing you and Aya this coming week. 🙂


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