Both my mind and body have been busy learning throughout this whole process, and one of the things I am learning to love are parts of my body I either never paid attention to before, or just downright hated.

I have always had broad shoulders, and big arms, but the more I use them – to lift weights, to carry bags on treks, to hold myself straight, to do physical work, to carry myself, to move objects around the classroom, to rearrange libraries, to climb walls, to scale tall jungle gym rope contraptions to help a child afraid of heights down……the more I love them. I think maybe it all just harks back to purpose. Our bodies want to be used. We have them for a reason – and it isn’t found on the living room couch with a bowl of Cheetos on your lap.

I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I’m growing. I look in the mirror, and I see subtle changes in my body. Lines forming, definition here and there*. The process is slow, because I really should be more disciplined than I am, but it’s nice to see things getting somewhere.

Enough with the serious talk though! It’s been a wonderful week or so since my last post. I have since done pretty well on my meal plan, lost 1.5-lbs, pushed myself on the water intake, worked on plenty of art and creation and collaboration, and squeezed in 3 fantastic WODs – today not included. 

Here’s a quick breakdown for posterity’s sake:

35 minutes – running
15 minutes – kettlebell swings 25lbs
10 minutes – myotatic crunches, side planks, and standard planks

Outdoor workout: 3.3km jog
6 rounds of uphill 40-second sprints*

25 jumping jacks (3 sets)
10lb/arm weighted walking lunges (3 “laps” across 25m)
20 air squats (3 sets)
1 minute high knee runs
20 pull-ups (wide grip, 4 sets, assisted: 26lbs)
20 dips (triceps, 4 sets, assisted: 26lbs)
20 lat pulldowns (15lbs per arm, 4 sets)
20 myotatic crunches (3 sets)
20 sec alternating side planks (3 sets)
20 sec standard plank (3 sets)
75 kettlebell swings (20-lbs, no rest, 2-handed)


2 more small triumphs and little inspirational anecdotes:

1. Completely successfully evaded carb cravings 3 days in a row now. I have had the option to buy (for dirt cheap) anything from waffles (love waffflessss) to cinnamon buns (helllloooo), and yet…I have found myself opting for the carrot sticks/almonds/tuna/hardboiled eggs every.single.time. 

2. This video of an improvised wheelchair:

God, if he can muster the ingenuity and can roll with the big boys, so can I!!!!



*You know, I feel like this photo doesn’t do me justice because in my mirror my arm has a line through it! Haha. But. Whatever. If it doesn’t show up here that means it’s a shadow-and-light-dependent line and therefore mildly exaggerated or else not totally truthfully representative of the way my arm looks. Gah.



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