Starring: My Sinus Infection; and Introducing: My Stomach Flu

We now enter the beginning of Week 2 in this little chapter in my life called: Holy Sneezes Batman I Am Sick As A Doggone Dog. Last week, I had a flu, and a half-hearted fever for four days – the kind that leaves you, makes you wait, doesn’t call you back, then sneaks home in the middle of the night and pretend like it’s all alright…yeah. The works. I would lie in bed at night attempting to sleep but the pressure in my sinuses was so deeply aggravated by lying prone that I had no choice but to sit up most of the night. I went to work anyway, and once to the gym, but I really couldn’t muster up any energy beyond the bare minimum so I gave myself a break to recuperate. I had no appetite, couldn’t taste anything, and was really just forcing myself to eat. On Thursday, I went for a quick grocery run after work and on the way home, thinking of cooking dinner, I realized I didn’t have the strength to so I stopped by a cafe (Cedele), and ordered a salad. The waiter serving me was nice enough to also suggest a specific tea (Roselle*), and bring me hot water and lemon.*

I woke up on Friday feeling a little better, the fever virtually gone, and I spent the rest of the weekend eating relatively healthily, and treating my body well, and doing good things for myself. I even made those pancakes on Saturday! Come Sunday, I felt strong enough for an intense gym session so off I went. It felt great, finally being there after (what felt like) too long a time away from heavy weights*. I was still not 100% though, and when I woke up yesterday, I knew immediately something new was wrong. My stomach was killing me and I felt weak, bloated, and sore. Being me, though, I went to work anyway, ignored all symptoms, and continued on my merry way. By this morning, I’d wished I had done something differently*, because the second I got to work…there came the slush. Relentless. Uncaring. Completely insensitive to my duties and responsibilities. I couldn’t leave work because I really did have plenty to do, so I just put up with it, stayed hydrated, and gave myself a free pass to eat bland carbohydrates like plain whole grain toast, thin whole grain crust, and plain unsalted/unbuttered popcorn.

Pushing myself through the day felt great though, and at the end of it, I even paid a visit to the gym. I know that sounds ridiculous but I needed it, and after reading multiple forums online regarding clocking gym time when sick, I came to the conclusion that most doctors have: it’s okay as long as you don’t have a fever. And I definitely don’t have a fever. So I figured it was a safe move, and made a mental note to just listen very closely to my body throughout the session. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do my workouts to the same intensity as I normally would so I allowed myself long rest periods between sets and just did as much as I felt I could accomplish without pushing myself too hard.

Here’s what I managed, given my current limitations:

15 mins row
5 mins elliptical
30 bosu ball push ups
30 myotatic crunches
20 plank rows (15 lbs per arm)
75 25-lb 2-handed kettlebell swings
3 1-min long planks (front, side, side)

Now I am home. I’ve had plenty of water, a healthy dinner (yes, with carbs), and am going to turn in early. I think it’s important to balance things out. Mentally, and personally, I feel way better having put the work out in; and even physically, I no longer have the runs, I don’t think. Still some mild cramping, but maybe sweating some toxins out, and also just allowing myself to eat food that would appease my rioting gut, really have helped.

Tomorrow it’s back to the usual, and I feel good about it. 🙂 Hopefully my body does too.*


*A South African flower tea that supposedly has crazy healing properties.

*The first thing he said after I placed my order was, “Wow. You sound horrible. I’m going to bring you hot water with fresh lemon in it…….” Goes to show you not all good service is lost in this country!

*The reality is it had only been a few days or so but still…


*At least my sinuses are no longer killing me! There’s something!

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