Why do people even bother to make pancakes with all that flour, starch, gluten, and wheat when you can make them without all those things and come out just as tasty, sexier, and happier-tummy-er*

So in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a huge pancake junkie. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my wounded pride* or because I had the best homemade made-from-scratch pancakes growing up in my grandma’s house*…whatever it is, I love them to death and am constantly trying to reinvent them to suit my dietary restrictions. It seems I’ve made it sort of a weekend tradition that, when I’m home and awake early enough on a Saturday morning, I will make pancake out of anything I find in my fridge. A couple of weekends ago, pre-CrossFit, I made spiced carrot ones, and I will post about those some other time. BUT. I want to talk about these first. 

THESE are banana, cottage cheese, flax seed pancakes. They are completely gluten, wheat, and grain free, and they are delicious. I know technically fruits aren’t allowed on the Slow Carb Diet, but I’ve made a modification wherein I can eat one fruit a day* and not feel like killing myself at the gym over it. They are full of vitamins, minerals, etc anyway. So there.*

Anyway, these were really simple to make.

You just need 2 free range eggs, 1 tbsp crunchy natural peanut butter (unsweetened and unsalted), an almost-full tablespoon of golden/brown flax seeds, 1/3 svg (aka around 2.5 tbsp) of low fat or fat free cottage cheese, and a banana that isn’t very large*.

Cut the banana in half, crack the eggs into a bowl, take half the tbsp of peanut butter, the 2.5-ish tbsp of cottage cheese, and all the flax seeds in your spoon; and throw them into your mixing bowl:

Once the ingredients have all made good friends in there, throw in a tsp or 2 of organic vanilla extract (get the kind that doesn’t have those weird glucose chemicals written all over the bottle in fine print), and a tsp of ground cinnamon.

Pop this “batter” onto your skillet, and panfry them to perfection!

Chop the remnants of your banana, adjust your presentation, and use the remaining peanut butter to add a dollop over your delicious dish.

If you’re big on sweet pancakes, go ahead and add some Stevia to the original recipe, or serve it with Agave Syrup on the side. 🙂 I personally don’t have my pancakes with any syrup at all, and opt to go with nut butters/sunflower seed butter/regular butter (haha) with fruits or sausages and eggs on the side.

Anyway, this recipe yields 3 ample-sized pancakes, and is kind of high in calories (at about 400kcal thanks to the nut butter and the flax seed), but it’s great to have with a glass of cold water and a mug of hot fresh lemon juice (half a lemon juiced into a cup of water). You feel nice and energized after and it’s incredibly satisfying.

TRY IT! Modify it as you like, because this is perfectly suited to my tastes. The cottage cheese in this case didn’t really shine through, but I shouldn’t have expected them to. I was using them as a slow-release protein filler more than anything. The peanut butter and banana mixture was wonderful though. You got the vanilla-y, egg-y deliciousness (with a nutty bite from the flax seed) of a normal pancake, and then surprise bits of peanutbutterbananagoodness. Which was my favorite part of the whole thing. Haha. So try it and let me know what you think. Oh! One more thing: I should warn you that these pancakes are fluffy but are not thick. And never will be because they just won’t rise as much as a pancake with flour or gluten or baking soda/powder/fluffed up egg white will. But I like them the way they are.*

So again here are the ingredients:

1 banana
1/3 svg low fat cottage cheese
Vanilla extract to taste
1 tsp cinnamon (ground)
1 tbsp-ish flax seed
2 free range eggs
1 tbsp natural unsweetened unsalted peanut butter


*No. That is definitely not a word, and Grammar Nazis (such as myself) can eat it for breakfast today.

*I failed miserably making soy milk pancakes some time last year (for a friend)…

*With butter, and real, organic maple syrup or natural peanut butters, and scrambled eggs and bacon on the side…*salivate*

*Usually this fruit is NOT banana, but I REALLY WANTED BANANA SO LET ME JUST DO WHAT I WANT TO DO SOMETIMES. Thank you.

*Defensive, much?

*Size…doesn’t really matter in this case. La-di-da. Hahaha. Sorry, Mom.

*Well almost. One of these days I’ll make my food look good as well. Hahaha. For now let’s just try for taste.

5 thoughts on “LET THEM EAT (PAN)CAKES!

  1. These look seriously amazing! I love the peanut butter/banana combo and pancakes are one of my favorite treats. I never would have thought about using cottage cheese in a pancake batter but you have inspired me to try this out very soon!

    • Thanks! Let me know how you like it! Add stuff to to your liking! Im going to try apples next I think haha. Like an apple cinnamon concoction!

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