Spiced Dark Chocolate…Kidney Bean…COOKIES?

kid you not, over these Dark Chocolate Kidney Bean Cookies – they are for real.

Over my last trip home, my friend Karen and I spent a day jamming on the ukulele, and cooking healthy food. The initial plan was to make black bean cookies with dark chocolate and craisins, but when we did a last minute grocery run, we couldn’t find any, so we picked up what we thought might be the next best option: kidney beans, and then set to work.

We went with “spiced” cookies, to mix it up a little. I’ve had chili chocolate before, and loved it – the extra bite with the bittersweetness of the cocoa…too good to not try out in any other setting.

To go full-gluten/wheat/dairy/egg/refined sugar free, we decided to use Chia Seeds as an egg replacement, and Agave Syrup as a sugar replacement.

Once we had left the Chia thickening in the water long enough, we mashed up the kidney beans and threw them in along with the syrup, some chili, nuts, and the chocolate/dry ingredients. We used thinly sliced raw almonds, cinnamon, craisins, dark unsweetened 80% cocoa powder (organic), and I think Karen brought some delicious Valrhona dark chocolate (or was it Godiva? Or Ghirardelli…? Anyway, I can’t remember…) that we chopped up and threw into the mix too.

Once we got the mix to a batter-like consistency (with the help of a blender and then later on a mixer), we laid them out on wax paper on baking trays. You have to remember that, because these cookies have no eggs, and no flour, and no baking soda, they won’t rise or spread. Thus, when you put them out to bake, shape them the way you want them to look when they’re done.

After we’d done that ourselves, we realized they didn’t look very festive and so…

And this is what they look like after. 🙂

They are actually cookie consistency! The good kind, too! Moist, rich, and tasty. They aren’t too sweet – which I like; and to make them better we threw some sea salt over them so we could trick ourselves into thinking they were sweeter than they actually were. 

I wouldn’t call these an overwhelming success the way my Gluten Free Wheat Free Lemon Squares (using almond meal) were. But I think they were pretty good and with Fall, and Thanksgiving, and all sorts of festivities coming along, I want to retry them very soon. When I do, expect a new post with more specific measurements!!! For now, consider this a teaser – and proof of the many Slow Carb friendly possibilities out there if you only try! 😉

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