And now a less pretentious post to follow up that psychobabble…

Last week after the day that will live in infamy forever as Donut Disaster Day, I went home, put on my workout gear, and hit the gym. When I got there, I found myself eyeing the little cubicle with all those body analysis machines. Giving in to my own curiosity, I ended up calling over a free personal trainer and asking for a full body analysis, since I was already there. I’m not going to share all my figures, but let’s just say was thoroughly disappointed in the fact that all my figures were fine except: 1) butt to waist ratio, but the trainer crossed that out because…I guess for women this is a good thing hahaha; and more devastatingly importantly, 2) body fat percentage. My BMI is fine, but apparently I have quite a little ways to go in terms of fat to lose. The trainer told me I have excellent muscle mass, and that even he was surprised at how high my body fat count was given the fact that I don’t appear obese or anything*.

After some discussion as to how to go about rectifying this little issue and maximizing my work outs, I came up with a meal plan that is low/slow-carb, Atkins/Paleo inspired, and I stuck it on my fridge. It has been a little over a week since then and I have actually been relatively good, all things considered. I have given myself an 8 week deadline, with progress checks every 2 weeks. I need to lose 5kg and gain control over my own body. The challenge is discipline. And it all starts in here *dramatically pointing my index finger to my temple as if to tell you guys: the brain, the brain, the center of the chain*.


Nowadays this is what lunch looks like. Lots of broccoli, egg, garlic, and egg whites…..and some chili powder, salt, and pepper. Mmmm.


*For the record: my body fat count doesn’t yet fall under obese, but it is in the higher range of the “normal” bracket, which is still alarming since it is about twice the % I want to eventually be at…

*Anybody else get the Baby-Sitters Club reference? No? Really? Not at all? Remember it was Kristy and Claudia? And that pencil? Still nothing? Okay. Nevermind then.

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