Oinks For Good Food

Yesterday was another amazing Cheat Day, and I apologize in advance because this time I don’t have photos to prove what a pig I’ve been but let’s just say: it’s been bad. To cut straight to the chase (the cheat chase), here is a breakdown of what I ate and how I felt afterward:

Upon waking: 2 tall glasses of ice cold water + morning AGG stack (which I’ve modified to include my daily dose of Flax Seed Oil* and Biotin*) + a session of Sun Salutations and Shoulder Stands in my living room to start the day bright!

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 2 slices of sourdough bread, small slice of banana walnut bread*

5 minutes post-eating, I felt simply full. 30 minutes later, I felt like throwing up. My stomach felt like it was stretched, expanding against my ribcage, braced to burst.

Lunch: 2 cups of Lipton Yellow Label tea (unsweetened, hot), 1/2 glass of sweetened iced tea, 3 mini ebi tempura pieces, 1/2 a crabstick omelette, some sweet and sour fish, 1/4 cup sauteed cabbage, 1 small red bean pau*

Still feeling incredibly, disgustingly bloated…

Snack: 1 pack peanut M&Ms, at least 1.5 L of (cold) water

Started to feel a bit of heartburn before eating the chocolates. Immediately after eating them and having a lot of water, I felt better for a grand total of 20 minutes before suddenly feeling the cramping from my expanding stomach…

Dinner: 2/3 an order (but all the cheese) of a big PS Cafe Moussaka*, 3 fries off of my friend Nigel’s plate, 2 slices of celery, 1 pot of peppermint tea

Halfway through the meal I just couldn’t really go on anymore. Food felt like it was coming out and up through my throat, almost. After the tea though, and after waiting another 20 minutes or so, I started feeling much better.

Midnight Snack: 2 Merci chocolate praline truffles*

Because I’ve been paying such close attention to my body lately, I’ve really been able to start pinpointing certain changes I feel internally when I take different types of food. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been taking Timothy Ferriss’ PAG/AGG stack* for almost a week now. When I mentioned it back then I promised to do a review, and I was hoping I’d be able to all week but just didn’t feel like I had enough to go on…….’til now.

After about 5 days of taking it, I think I’m starting to see the difference – or, more accurately, feel it. While last week, when I wasn’t quite on the supps yet, all that was wrong with me after binge-day was a bit of heart burn, THIS week, as early as 30 minutes after my first meal, I felt completely suffocated. I was in real, physical pain attempting to digest those carbs – and it was just some bread and sugar!!! This is good to note on a few points: 1) It means I really have been good about counting my carbs so my stomach is no longer used to taking that much in and feeling it expand the way those starches do; 2) the PAG/AGG stacks are supposed to inhibit fat growth and help shrink your fat cells and such and make it harder for you to acquire more fat and whatnot. They’re also supposed to help you support glucose/energy/kcal absorption from what you consume and encourage the death of mature fat cells. All this just means that all this discomfort I’m feeling when I take in things that I don’t normally take and are high in sugars and fat, the supplements have been working on me! They’ve been shrinking my fat cells and help my body work extra hard on metabolizing these carbs and (bad) fats appropriately!; and lastly: 3) it makes me want to cheat less and less! The more discomfort begins to outweigh the deliciousness of these indulgences, the less likely I am to go off-my-rocker-indulgent, and the less likely I am to cheat at all (EVER) during the week. It’s such an extra boost/motivator!

SO. In conclusion. It has been another successful week, another great cheat day, and there’s good news all around for the 4 Hour Body PAG/AGG stack! It’s worth the investment!


*Flax seed oil is an organic pressed oil from linseed and is rich in the Omegas, and is good for the skin, inflammation problems, et al.

*Biotin is an organic B-vitamin extract that’s good for your skin, nails, and most of all hair. It makes your hair stronger, and your lashes longer!

*I am well aware that I advocate starting the day off with a proper Slow Carb meal, but I was in the mood to treat myself yesterday. :p

*Lunch wasn’t my favorite but it was indulgent anyway – it was a free lunch at an event I went to…and you know how those things are catered…

*Moussaka at PS Cafe has got to be at least half a pound worth of delicious, heavy, meat-and-cheese-and-tomatoes quality time. I ended up picking out all the ground veal, feta, and the mozzarella and red capsicum on top and just eating that after I’d eaten about 1/2 of the layered eggplants but I really couldn’t go any further…

*Last piece of chocolate ’til next Saturday!

*A supplement regimen composed of Polycosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Garlic Extract, and Green Tea Extract EGCGs. It is designed for natural, organic, effective fat loss for the stubborn, clingy friends (aka flabs) who just won’t go away. You can read more about it here.

P.S. (Piggy Says/Post Script): Over the weekend I did a Body Pump class for the first time and actually loved it. I think I’m going to do a full review on that this week so stay tuned!

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