I just wanted to post one more time for today in honor of what a SUPER SUNDAY it has been.

Dear Self,
You done good. Consider this a pat on the back.

super me

Not only did I follow the Slow Carb Diet flawlessly today, I managed to:


/shameless self-congratulations now over

9 thoughts on “SUPER SUNDAY

  1. and is it just me, or did the look of your website change?? i like that you sketched your face the same way you pose in pictures: with your head always turned to the side haha

    • Even cartoon me has an “angle” 😉 haha yes i changed the layout. Still not happy with it though, will be updating it again soon!

  2. I liked this post a lot … a friend told me to start a page of happy thoughts….about good things. That way if I ever feel down, I can go there and see all the good things in my life. When I read this one, it reminded me of that. This was bright, cheery, and oh so positive feeling. Yah!

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