Organic, Homemade Cashew Butter



The other day I had a hankering for some nut butter but I didn’t want to go buy anything sugar-laden from the grocery. Thus, I decided to embark on a little 30-minute journey of crafting my own.

In the Philippines, towards the end of my stay, my Aunt and I had taken a trip to the province of Bataan, where they grow cashews in their backyard. I’d managed to purchase 500g of organic toasted cashews off a roadside seller on our way home at only P200, with every intention to use the nuts for this specific purpose; so I was excited to finally get around to it.

Armed only with my food processor, the nuts, some sunflower seed butter, seasoning, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I threw everything in there and got to work.





So I made it, and ate it all in one sitting!!!!! Licked the food processor bowl CLEAN!




Just kidding. Haha. I packaged it.

Anyway, it’s really a very straightforward process; and I’ve found that you can just take the ingredients you want, and go nuts (HAHA pun intended). I myself am not nuts (hehe) about super creamy nut butters, so I prefer a little chunkiness left over – hence stopping when I did. Had I processed the butter more, it would’ve ended up really creamy and smooth (I know this because my aunt back home makes it too, and she makes them really smooth).

So there it is. It’s really easy, and I’ll bet you didn’t even realize that. It’s also cheaper (at least in Singapore) than buying actual nut butters – and you can control the way they taste! Isn’t that great? For this batch here is my ingredient list:

Natural vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A teensy bit of water as needed
A pinch of salt
Black pepper grind
200 g of toasted cashews
1 1/2 tsp Organic Sunflower Seed Butter

That’s it. If you like your butters with a lot of sweetness, you can add in more vanilla, some cinnamon, Stevia, etc. It’s really your call. 🙂 And it doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes unless you’re a sloth! So it’s good news for everybody (except sloths)!

Okay, I’m going to go now. But try it for yourselves. It’s a really good feeling knowing EXACTLY what you’re eating. Nut butters are my comfort food, so it makes me really happy to be able to confidently say that I am able to make them myself.


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