I know I’ve been bad…but look: a salad!!!

I shouldn’t be making excuses for myself, but I promise there have been good reasons for my absence. Late last week I flew to Manila, Philippines for summer vacation (as previously mentioned, I’m a teacher and can avail of that kind of luxury). Since then, I have been shuttled back and forth between family dinners, gatherings, reunions with friends, and a much-needed tripto Siem Reap, Cambodia (but that’s going to another post).

Anyway, at least you know now that I have plenty of interesting material to share in the coming weeks. For now, I’d like to give you a glimpse of my latest favorite salad – a delectable snack or light dinner worth only 150kcal.

I started off with some organic spinach* ($1.60/bag — each bag has about 4 cups of spinach — Cold Storage) that I really, really needed to get “rid” of. With a trip in the wings, I wanted to use up as much of my perishable goods as possible (I did spend on them after all…what a waste /perils of being a grocery junkie…*). So armed with my spinach, and a fridge full of possibilities, I washed, plucked, and plated these leaves, unsure of what would come next.

Amongst my stash I found red capsicum (MY FAVORITE) ($1.25/pepper — Cold Storage*), low fat cottage cheese ($4.35/250mL — Cold Storage), sliced raw almonds ($4.00/250g — Cold Storage), and no-sugar-added craisins ($4.00/500g — Fair Price). So…I washed the red pepper, sliced it up, topped it with half a serving of cottage cheese (roughly 67.5g), half a handful of sliced almonds, and (literally) 10 craisins sliced up. I showered it all with apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and cayenne pepper, and had a nice big bite.

It was delicious.

But…something was missing.

Yummy salad…

So I ventured back into my fridge in search of something to complete this dish, and like kismet…an orange rolled right out of nowhere and onto the floor. Feeling that this was some form of the universe speaking to me (I’m kidding…obviously), I cut the orange in half, and juiced it over my salad…

Yummier salad…

I figured this was pretty much complete…but then…something about the plating was off so I didone final edit.

AND VOILA. Beautiful, delicious, simple, you-can’t-go-wrong-with-this-one salad!

Now your turn!

Try it. If not for anything else, just try it because it’s idiot proof. Really.

*I specify organic spinach because, as much as possible, when you are eating food raw and it has no skin on it, you want to be sure that you aren’t eating anything pesticide-d to death. Hence, organic choices.
*I am seriously a grocery junkie. I think it might be a problem. I can’t leave a grocery without buying something healthy. I prowl the organic aisles everywhere I go until I get intense sensory overload and find myself purchasing the next best “on sale” gluten-free wheat-free snack (Baked Classics, I hate you…). Anyway. I guess what I’m saying is…….if anybody knows where to find a Grocers’ Anonymous……call me. 😉
*I buy my red peppers from Cold Storage specifically because Fair Price red peppers have, in my experience, been horrible every.single.time. So…even though they’re 20-cents more expensive or something stupid like that…if I were you, I would just buy them from there. Unless you want to go through the trouble of sifting through a barrel of bruised, disgusting red peppers that are horribly misshapen and just…kind of pathetic in general. Besides, you’d be hard-pressed to find red peppers in Fair Price to begin with…

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