Pancakes and Peace Offerings

I’M SORRY FOR THE SHAMELESS ABSENCE. I have been in transit, making my way home for the summer; and now that I’m here it’s been pretty busy. (And it doesn’t help that the WiFi connection at my parents’ home leaves plenty to be desired……..but anyway…) Not to worry though, I’ve been gathering tons of material for future posts. I have a good feeling about everything.

Anyway, onward with my peace offering:

Remember when I made those cottage cheese pancakes and had that leftover batter?

I mentioned towards the end of that post that I would do them again the next morning but thinner with more vanilla, I think. WELL. I did redo them. When I inspected the batter the morning after I realized that most of the egg had gone with the first batch. It looked as though there was about an egg white left in there at the time so to balance out the recipe (totally on a whim), I cracked one more whole egg into the mixture, added a tablespoon of cottage cheese, and another teaspoon of vanilla extract. After the minor adjustments I proceeded to lay it onto the skillet…thinner this time.



The outlook seemed encouraging right from the onset. There was a definite improvement just in the way the pancake was coming together on the pan. I was pretty stoked.


At the end of it, this was the final product:

WAY better than the first time! (Both aesthetically AND taste-wise as well!)

I had it with two tablespoons of delicious, fresh no-sugar-added strawberry preserve.

Mmm. Fluffy pancakey goodness! It was GREAT.

So, in conclusion, if you’re going to try the recipe out, I suggest you mix in more egg – you’ll have to figure it out yourself based on consistency of the batter but don’t worry I think you’ll do just fine. 😉 A definite must for these pancakes though is the thinness of them. Don’t make them too thick and chunky like I did before. Just beat them well and lay them on the pan nice and thin so they turn out tasty, and pretty too!


Here’s a photo from last time I did it (for reference, like the “Before” photos) in case you guys have forgotten, or haven’t paid any attention to this blog ’til just now:

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