Because Nobody’s Perfect…

…least of all me.

I am writing this entry post-binge (I mean…) lunch, because I feel this strange urgency to share these doodles/thoughts…

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a teacher at an international school here in Singapore (as well as an artist/designer but that’s besides the point), and today is our last official day of work. As such, we had a huge Pizza Party on the Petty Cash tab, and if you know me…… is my Kryptonite. I am a huge sucker for cheese. Anything that is smothered in cheese is a winner in my book. And in the spirit of celebrating the end of a fantastic school year I figured…well…….I can make this one wheat exception…….right?

So I did make a concession…or two…

(Two pizza slices to be exact.)

And of course two pizza slices couldn’t go without a couple of cheesy Italian meatballs…and a few potato wedges…I mean it couldn’t hurt right?

And of course like 700 calories into lunch, I started to get that familiar overeating, bingebaby hatred deep inside my gut. And it began to feel like the WORLD PIZZA TAKEOVER and everywhere all the world was PIZZA. Drippy, oily, (but delicious), cheesy pizza…

In an effort to regain some composure and remind myself that I am human and prone to error, I did a couple of yoga breathing exercises in the bathroom (I know, I know, but our staff bathroom is nice and clean and only good for one person so shush). And as I was standing there, close to self-hatred, I made for the mirror half expecting to see a pig.

And it was okay. It was totally okay. I was okay. And I realized how unreasonable I was being. It’s okay to slip on your diet sometimes. And with that I leave you words of wisdom from Heidi Skolnik, whose quote fell on my lap in an “O” magazine I saw in another staff bathroom the other day and only reoccurred to me (very aptly) now:

Forget about it! One big mistake people often make when they overeat is “rebound restrictive” eating. In doing this, they get off the path of regular and consistent patterns that they are trying to establish as a healthy and sustainable way to eat.  One overeating “episode” is not going to cause weight gain.  However, recurring overeating will cause weight gain SO, it may be helpful to look at your journal and/or reflect at why you overate to begin with to use that information to prevent another occurrence. Did you over eat at a holiday time, at a party, when out with friends? At home alone, on the way to or from a stressful work meeting, because you “dieted” all day and ate all evening?  By beginning to understand the environmental, emotional or physiological forces that pervade you can begin to rewrite your response to either avoid or change the cues that lead you to overeating.

So it’s okay to falter here and there. Just don’t let it discourage you. Understand the source of it, the reasons for it, and then just…move on. Go about your day and diet like you would had you not cheated: I mean, you wouldn’t have stopped your diet or allowed yourself to feel like crap if you hadn’t cheated right? So wouldn’t it just be counterproductive to do so if you had cheated?Besides, one cheat meal sometimes can actually be good! It can reset your metabolism. 🙂 So let this be my “one cheat meal,” and lets go with that. No guilt, no self-hatred. Just the good stuff. 🙂

One thought on “Because Nobody’s Perfect…

  1. You know what, I feel no guilt when I overeat. And that’s the thing, because I don’t feel the remorse, I just eat and eat and eat some more. I start to hate myself when I see that Í’m starting to be flabbier than usual.

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