What’s the Story Morning Glory?

Need a little time to wake up?

In my last post I slipped in that I might be posting 5 Great Ways to Start the Day soon. Well, I’ve decided that “soon” is “now” (see what I did there?), and to begin, I’ve decided to start with my own personal favorite way of starting the day:


I suppose the sketch speaks for itself. This is my version of a “standard” breakfast oatmeal – balanced up to Perfect Supermeal Proportions.

So why is this such a good way to start the day? Here are some good reasons:

  1. If you start the day with a source of lean protein (organic whey with no additional sugar* counts as one – so does egg/egg white), you automatically jump start your metabolism. That opens doors for your body to really burn off good energy throughout the day and will provide your body with fuel to burn fat as well.
  2. It’s good to have a heavy low-GI carbohydrate in the morning. Low-GI carbs are complex carbohydrates with a glycemic index below 56 . This means they are slow-release carbohydrates, and harder for your body to digest, thus requiring you to burn more calories doing so and providing your body with more fiber as well as a more FULL feeling for a longer period of time. Oatmeal has a GI of 55 and just makes  the list, but that’s okay, because I’ve found that when I have 1/2 a cup of oatmeal (cooked), it automatically holds me over ’til lunch, or at least ’til a pre-lunch snack (of a medium sized green apple AT MOST) at around 11.
  3. Now I’m sure you’re wondering about all that other stuff: 
  • Why Raisins? — I dunno. I just like raisins. They are packed with antioxidants and natural sugars that give this dish just enough sweetness to tide you over.
  • Why raw organic cacao nibs? — GOOD QUESTION AND I’M GLAD YOU “ASKED”. Raw organic cacao nibs are incredibly good for you! Basically, they are crushed organic cacao bean and best taken raw. Do not buy them roasted. Just have them raw. If you think grapes or green tea have antioxidants, these tiny superfoods have more antioxidant flavonoids* than any other food tested so far. In the world. Ever. Yes. That’s not an exaggeration. A serving – usually a whole fistful though I prefer to just have a third or so of that much at a time, provides you with 44% of your daily fiber needs. They have barely any fat in them either, so if you’re a big extremely-dark-chocolate fan, it’s time to use these babies to curb those cravings!

Anyway, so that is how I start my day 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I have this same dish within 45 minutes after a heavy body weights-and-HIIT workout to help replenish the protein in my cells and such and such, but generally I think it’s a perfectly balanced breakfast – especially for active days.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


– A

(Some post-scripts below for your further understanding!)

*What are antioxidant flavonoids?: They are ketone-carrying compounds that are known to inhibit cancer and cardiovascular disease when consumed. Basically they’re really good for your heart and your intestines and so are good for YOU by default.

*Note on whey protein: When you are buying your whey protein make sure you are buying 100% organic whey. Check the nutritional content to make sure that its carb content is fairly low — high carb content is a red flag and a sign that the manufacturers have packed it with sugar. Another thing to look out for is aspertame and other chemical sweeteners as those promote fat build up. Will do another post in the future about picking the cheapest, best whey. 🙂 But for now those are my tips.

*Note on the drawing: I did all of that with my track pad…so if the legibility bothers you…too bad for you. It was like fingerpainting on a computer. It’s so badass I might even write it up as a “Healthy Feat.” Maybe.

(P.P.S. Stuff to look forward to tomorrow: A TRAVEL POST FOR HEALTHY FEATS IN THE WORKS!)

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