Because “Dolphins” Rhymes With “Endorphins”

Before anyone says ANYTHING, I have never been a Superbod. No, nothing like that. I’ve always had a little extra “chub” here and there – that slight pudge coating my deltoids, and a layer of Annoying on each of my inner thighs (specifically). But for a while there in university, I really was pretty…well, fit. I sported a 34-26-35 almost Coca-Cola (bottle) body ratio; and if one attempted to pinch at fat in my midsection, they would be either sorely disappointed, or pleasantly impressed. That near-ideal version of myself had been achieved walking 46 flights of stairs every morning (4 days a week), swimming four hours a week, and playing tennis two hours a week. Every so often I paid a mandatory visit to the gym, where I would lift 12-lb weights in all the basic ways I knew how to – bicep curls here, tricep lifts there. Suffice to say, I was pretty happy with my body. And bikini-prepped for the most part.

But alas, that was almost 3 years ago now, and from early 2010, to late last year (2011), it had been a slow descent into a mild case of spectrophobia – which I’m told is what one would call a “fear of one’s own reflection.” (Haha.) Anyway, enough with my theatrics, all you really need to know is that I went from 5’2″, 114-lbs and 16% body fat, to 132-lbs and 25% body fat in the span of was-that-really-just-24-months?!? At the height of my weight I was 6 months in to living on my own in a whole new city, in a whole new country (hello Little Red Dot – Singapore, Singapore), with a plethora of delicious food choices, and no more free gyms. So. Sue. Me.

That’s why late last year, I decided to commit to changing my lifestyle. But I wanted to pay a reasonable price for it. Now, if you’re from anywhere near Singapore, you might already know that the phrase “reasonable price” is actually entirely uncommon in real life situations here. (This does not apply to any arguments on hawker food – that will receive it’s own post eventually.) If you think that organic-anything is expensive everywhere, then you haven’t been to Singapore. This is a country that doesn’t have its own agricultural sector. Okay? So you can’t even get anything homegrown (except “kampong eggs”), everything is imported. So if it’s expensive over there in San Francisco, or New York, or Manila, or what-have-you…just imagine what it’s like to get a decent head of organic lettuce here when they’ve had to fly it in from New Zealand every other day?

STILL. I’ve managed to find a way to live moderately healthily, as well as within my means this year. I’m now down to 120-lbs and 20% body fat, and my work outs have become more fulfilling given all the little “secrets” I’ve found, collected, and applied these last few months. It’s still a huge work in progress, and full transparency and accountability from me demands that I divulge my goal to return to my former 34-26-35.5 glory, and a glorious 14% BMI (or lower). It’s going to take a lot of hard work and I know the work I’ve put in now is only the tip of the iceberg. However, it’s inspired me to help other people who are trying to do the same thing here. So in short, I pained you with a really long introduction simply to tell you this: I figured SOMEONE had to do it, so I did it myself. I’ve started a blog that is all about wellness, fitness, healthy eats, and healthy treats, in the MoneyEater that is Singapore. Hopefully what you find here, is as helpful to you as it has been for me. 🙂

Questions, wonderments, suggestions, and requests are always welcome!



P.S. Excuse the horrible sketches, I’m better than that but I don’t have the time right now to prettify them. Next time. 😉

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